By   September 19, 2012


According to the official Porsche Facebook page the Porsche 918 Spyder has managed a 7:14 second lap time at the famous Nurburgring. The short post asks if there are any questions and I had a few.

One is what was the full lap time (including milliseconds), so we can put it against other supercars to see how it stacks up. Also, what tires was it tested using? If it was on the street tires that it will have in production then that is more impressive than if it was using a track tire. Lastly, did it have the Weissach Package (a.k.a. Track Pack) as this would save 77 pounds and would affect the time a bit. I have reached out to Porsche with these questions and will pass along any answer that I receive.

No matter the setup I’m pretty confident that the time is probably the best time at the Nurburgring for a hybrid production car (so, not including prototypes). If this is the future of hybrids then the future is bright.

Source: Porsche via Facebook